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Throughout the United States, Vaco clients are as unique and dynamic as the issues they face every day. They’re a diverse bunch of busy executives, with titles such as CFO, CIO, HR Director, Hiring Manager and Entrepreneur, who all share the common thread that unites them—they’ve all experienced freedom through Vaco. They’ve watched Vaco move crisis to clarity for them—again and again.   

To our thousands of loyal clients, we thank you. We thank you for allowing us the privilege of partnership.  We don’t take your business for granted. Our commitment to you is unwavering, our appreciation increasingly deeper.

We look forward to many more years of success together with you.

Surfacing your hard to find talent is our pleasure. Connect with your local Vaco office now by using the drop-down menu.

The Vaco Difference

How is Vaco different? Let us count the ways...



Vaco players are Invested and Engaged!

Every office is its own LLC with significant equity held by local leadership. This rewards not only the founding leadership, but every employee of Vaco because everyone has the opportunity to invest in each new market. If this structure is the science, then Vaco's culture is the art. Vaco, Latin for "free yourself from a master," is an empowering organization that recognizes its strength comes from diversity and challenging dissent that consistently brings feedback from employees, clients, candidates and consultants to challenge the status quo and strive for more.


Vaco is large enough to serve you and small enough to care!

There are larger recruiting and consulting firms in the world-and there are smaller ones as well. Many have as much as 60% turn-over. In its first five years, Vaco enjoyed less than 5%. Our clients don't want to gamble that these smaller shops will be able to survive and aren't interested in the large soulless machines. Vaco offers the zest of entrepreneurialism and the national reach you need!


Vaco is innovative!

Serving more as a federation of states than a federal government, innovative ideas are praised and serve as benchmarks throughout the Nation. Being competitive is solely a benefit to those we serve.

We band together as client-focused entrepreneurs and believe in celebrating--our success and yours!


Vaco is both seasoned and enthusiastic!

Vaco players have the pedigree and experience you need to have productive conversations. They grew up in your industry and have deep relationships in your world. Combine their real world expertise with the freedom and empowerment that only Vaco offers and that translates to a unique and powerful experience in the world of placement.

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