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Vaco Resources provides the highest quality, senior-level financial and accounting professionals on a project and consulting basis.

In today’s cost-conscious environment, companies are running leaner than ever.

At various times, you’ve needed specialized expertise for a project.  One of those subject-matter experts who are an inch wide but a mile deep.  Wow, someone like that you could really use.

Or, maybe it's a season of excessive demand and as the workload mounts, you need to augment your staff.

Free Yourself.

Vaco Resources provides the type of diverse talent found in the world’s largest corporations and consulting practices.  Only, we provide that talent in a cost-effective, project-based manner.

Surfacing hard to find talent is what Vaco Resources does best.  Hitting the bulls-eye for you again and again.  Every time, the right skill set and the right culture fit.

So you can focus on what you do best.

Vaco Resources has successfully completed thousands of financial projects for clients in every region of the United States.  From internal audit to interim CFOs and everything in between. Let Vaco's highly experienced team free you from worry.


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