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Enterprise Architect(s)

Industry: IT

Location: Del Mar, California

Date Posted: June 25, 2013

Industry: Publicly Traded Consumer Products Company

Environment includes: PeopleSoft, Large scale SAP, lots of customized legacy systems, 78 different applications running on top. The selected candidates will be coming in on the ground level and will be responsible for making large changes within the organization.

Positions available:Enterprise Integration Architect & Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Integration Architect, IT (more strategic) coordinate with business units and outsourced onsite/off site development. Oracle ERP Middleware
Enterprise Architect- (more strategic)- Road mapping, Oracle, SAP- large scale ERP, retail is a big plus, Oracle fusion middleware, lots of customized legacy systems

Essential Functions: One person will be more focused on Integration and the other will be more focused on Enterprise Applications

  • Assists in the coordination of Integration governance activities

  • Understands the Integration needs of the enterprise with emphasis on executive information consumption and Integration that comes from or is provided to parties external to the enterprise

  • Develops and maintains an integrated, subject-oriented, predominantly conceptual enterprise Integration model that represents essential Integration produced and consumed across the enterprise

  • Develops and maintains cross-references that map elements of the enterprise Integration model to organization, function, and process business models

  • Develops and maintains cross-references that map enterprise Integration model to information systems, business applications, and serves-oriented information technologies

  • Defines and publishes integration management standards

  • Stays abreast of Integration management industry trends and energy Integration models and champions their potential to improve enterprise integration management

  • Educates upward and outward about the business value of enterprise data architecture and integration management

  • Identifies gaps in Integration architecture management practices and orchestrates eliminating those gaps by developing:

Q&A for Enterprise Integration Architect/ Enterprise Architect

  • Environment: Oracle ERP Middleware is a plus…It does not have to be Oracle but need ERP and Middleware experience

  • Industry experience: Retail or Consumer products is a plus

  • Percentage wise, what portion of this person's job will be Technical vs. Functional? For Example: managing the Wipro Onsite rep etc… This a more strategic position need to have 50/50 split Technical and Functional

  • How does your team build project road maps? Working with the business to understand to solution requirements and building a map to deliver them What software do you guys use to do that? We use excel, PowerPoint and Visio

  • Can you give me an example of a project that they might be given within the first 6 months that they come on board? Build business capability model for a set of applications. Design a SOA service repository. Set up new solution governance models

  • Are there two positions or just one? Yes Enterprise Application Architect and Enterprise Integration Architect

  • Would you prefer the candidate to come from a pure Enterprise Applications Architecture background or would you prefer to have them come from a 3rd Party Application Integration background? No preference

  • Will they be in charge of any legacy migration projects to new technologies? Yes from the design and governance standpoint

  • Can you give me a quick example? We moving from legacy custom apps to package application like Oracle Retail RMS,RPM,MFP,PIM, Fusion,

  • Can you elaborate or the idea of more Strategic than Tactical? The Domain Architect will handle the day to day Tactical keeping the lights on. The enterprise architect will help design and build tool to improve the Domain and the enterprise. This role will work more on 12-36 future state tools and solutions. They will be required to do Tactical project like signature ready solution designs, Governance models, roadmaps

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