How to Balance Your Job Search with Your Current Job

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Kensi Olson, Marketing Intern for Vaco Tampa, took perspectives from the Vaco Tampa team on balancing the job search while working a full-time job.

Whether you’re desperately looking for your next opportunity or seeking an increase in salary, it’s hard to balance the job search with your current full-time position. We’ve all been there, and we understand. Here are a few points to help ease the job search while allowing you to stay focused in your current role.

Set the expectation on how you really feel about your job search.

Identify self-doubt: “I have a bonus coming so maybe I’ll wait,” or “I don’t really love my job, but I’ll make it work,” are thoughts racing through your mind telling you to hold off from your job search. Don’t settle for less, rather, have that talk with yourself; identify your timeline; and communicate that to the recruiter with whom you’re working.

Identify your motivators.

What’s most important to you? Is it salary? Change of location? Employee benefits? Industry-specific? Communicate that to your recruiter before, during and after the interview process. Be as specific and detailed as possible in terms of what you’re seeking. If you’re “kind of open to whatever,” the recruiter might just assume you aren’t ready or serious about looking for a new job. Having your motivators identified not only helps you, it also helps your recruiter. 

Show commitment.

Showing commitment not only to your job search, but to yourself and to your recruiter, is crucial. Your sense of urgency and commitment to the process will all get conveyed to the hiring manager seeking your talent. You need to make commitment a priority or you might not be taken seriously. Trust yourself, you got this!

Prioritize your time.

Know your own schedule and availability. Even if it means finding that small window during your lunch break where you can sit down, respond to emails, and apply to the jobs that truly appeal to you – this will help ease the stress of finding a new job. Be more responsive and prioritize that time!

Plan your job search.

Send yourself alerts so you don’t have to search for time, rather, you’re reminding yourself to check in once a day, and submit those applications. Some people are so desperate to get out of their job that they will interview wherever. If you’re interviewing to just “interview,” you most likely aren’t ready. The best time to truly look for a job is when you have one. Use that to your advantage, take ownership of that security, and be selective with your recruiters but also selective with the companies with whom you speak.

Get Creative

Think outside the box. We constantly find ourselves self-sabotaging. “If I wear a suit to work, it’ll set red flags off” or “I don’t have enough time to change before my interview” are just excuses we make in order to avoid the interview process. Keep that jacket in your car, change at the recruiting firm and nail the interview.

Searching for a job while you’re currently in one, is difficult. We often get so overwhelmed looking for a job that we push our personal lives to the curb. Setting aside time to focus in on your commitment level, what motivates you, and where you truly want to see yourself at the end of this – will not only reassure you’re on the right path but will boost you to finding that “perfect match” of a career.


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