5 Reasons Not to Put Your Job Search on Hold Over the Holidays

Holiday tunes in the background, cookies in the oven, seasonal movie overload on Netflix, maybe a glass of something thirst quenching…it’s just too easy to let the holiday season distract from embarking on the next move in your career adventure. But don’t let the season pass you by! Five top Vaco recruiters share why you should keep the job search up this holiday season.

Use it or lose it!

The great thing about interviewing at the end of the year is that companies are motivated to make decisions. Because headcount is allocated on an annual basis (Often times referred to as, “Use it or lose it”) companies are eager to get out offers, so they don’t lose a headcount allocation. This may also encourage them to make you an even better offer! Joslyn Osborn – Partner, Vaco Financial

Consider a temp gig

It’s extremely important to be ahead of the curve when job seeking during the holidays. Candidates who remain diligent through the end of the year are going to see more activity just by getting their name out there and may receive offers that nail down that dream job to start the new year off strong.

Companies are always hiring and a temporary job will put money in your pockets for gifts, can always turn permanent come the new year, allows you to see if it’s the right fit during a potential slow time, and you can wipe out the competition early by getting your name and face out there first! Jimmy Vandervalk – Director of Recruiting

Teams want to start the year strong

Hiring managers are motivated to start the new year with rock solid teams, so there is no better time to showcase your talent and show them how you can help propel the next professional year to bethe  best one yet!

While others are taking their foot off the gas, this is your time to get at the front of the line. Since many others may put their search on hold, you will be up against less competition and may have an easier time landing your dream job. Cori Moore – Sr. Associate, Finance & Accounting Talent Solutions

Accounting + finance

During the typical slowdown from Thanksgiving through the winter season, it’s great to be proactive versus reactive in a role change. In the fall, an employee and a client get the added benefit of getting trained and experienced with the full year-end reporting cycle, the full budgeting process, and/or a full public CPA firm busy season. This allows all parties to ramp up faster for the coming year. Jody Couch – Senior Director

Dust off that resume!

Update your resume. When everything starts to slow down, it’s a good time to reflect on your past year’s accomplishments and add them to your LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter. Once updated, send it to your favorite recruiter at Vaco! Scott Gordon – National Director of Recruiting & Partner


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