Why companies choose Vaco for accounting and finance recruiting

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There are plenty of reasons why our clients turn to us to solve their accounting and finance hiring dilemmas. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at five of the most common reasons our clients trust us with their accounting and finance recruiting needs. 

#1: Employee turnover

Our clients frequently come to us because they’re having a hard time finding and retaining talent. Staying one step ahead of resignations, transfers, and career shifts can be especially tough in a competitive hiring market.

Sound familiar? We’re in the middle of a candidate recession, so finding the right talent can be tricky. 

“Because Vaco is a global company with local connections, our teams are constantly cultivating relationships, networking, and recruiting,” says Jennifer McCasland, Vaco Orange County managing partner. “We know our communities and we have solid candidates who we’ve already met with and interviewed. Which is great news for our clients because when they give us a call, we have a pool of pre-screened and reference-checked candidates who are ready to go.” 

#2: Technical expertise

Many of our clients already have great teams in place, but changes to the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) mandated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) can present new challenges. 

When companies need subject-area or technical expertise at the strategic level, Vaco can provide candidates who can lay the foundation and help train in-house staff on the new procedures and protocols.

Big changes for 2020, for example, include the new Recognition Standard (ASC 606) and Lease Accounting Standard (ASC 842). If your accounting and finance team isn’t entirely confident in their ability to navigate these new rules, Vaco can find someone with the technical expertise and know-how to bring everyone on your team up to speed.

Show your employees you value their contributions by providing them with the skills, support, and training they need to succeed.

#3: Systems upgrades and implementation

Upgrading financial systems or implementing new accounting software may feel like a never-ending cycle. While these changes are rarely fun, they can improve productivity in the long run. 

Whether you’re installing upgrades, developing new reports, or investing in a system that helps you achieve your business objectives more readily, systems upgrades and implementation can add extra work to the plates of your already busy staff.

Go ahead, break the cycle.

Vaco’s scalable and flexible talent solutions help reduce the burden on your full-time staff during times of transition and change. If you have talent gaps in other areas related to system upgrades — such as change management, technology, compliance, or training and support — we have immediate access to candidates with specialized skill sets to help guarantee a smooth changeover.

#4: Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are simply a part of doing business. And they certainly don’t emerge fully-formed like Athena from the head of Zeus. A well-executed merger or acquisition requires many, many hours of careful preparation and effort across multiple phases.

Companies need to make sure that their financials are clean, clear, freshly audited, and in alignment with GAAP. Finding the right accounting and finance talent can help streamline a very complex process.

#5: End-of-year accounting and audit preparation

Much like a merger or acquisition, intense end-of-year accounting and audit preparation can quickly overwhelm accounting teams.

We talked about this in our post, 5 strategic tips for the accounting and finance industry, but it bears repeating: in a candidate-driven market, companies have to work harder to keep employees happy and to maintain a great company culture. If your team feels unsupported, they’re going to look for new opportunities. 

“When clients reach out to us because they’re concerned about keeping their existing team members satisfied with the workload and the level of support they’re receiving from leadership, we know we’re working with a client who cares about company culture,” says McCasland.

“I like to say that we’re the good karma recruiters,” says Osborn. “I feel like Vaco is the unusual company where the core tenets are on the wall, we talk about them, and they’re really, really true. I love working at Vaco because I love being surrounded by people who are strong in character and who also really care about what we do for both our candidates and our clients. And doing it with integrity and honesty.” 

If you’re in the hunt for top talent, working with talent recruiters and strategic staffing firms makes great business sense. Ready for a little help? That’s what we do.

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