4 Interview Tips Many Candidates Overlook

Anthony McClarnon, Director of Recruiting, serves Vaco Cincinnati‘s market.

The top four interview tips you may have overlooked

You just wrapped up your fourth interview in two weeks, your seventh in two months, and you don’t understand what’s keeping you from landing the position of your dreams. You’re on time, professionally dressed with resume in hand, you’ve researched each company you’re interviewing with and have all the experience to qualify you for the role. What are you missing?

Anthony McClarnon offers 13 years of experience coaching individuals throughout the interviewing process. He provides regional tech professionals company insights, resume boosters, and interview tips. McClarnon shares his top four interview pointers that you may not have thought of.

  1. Be Specific
    Be clear when giving examples about your experience as it relates to the role you’re interviewing for. Make sure to highlight your contribution specifically, defining skills that line up with those that the company is looking for. If the employer walks away with the impression that you’ve actually done the things you say you’ve done, you’ll be in great shape!
  2. Be Genuine
    Don’t be casual, be real. Look at the hiring manager’s LinkedIn prior to the interview and find out something you can connect on. You can make a great first impression with a warm smile and friendly conversation.
  3. Speak to Your Resume
    Depending on your experience, industry, etc., your resume could be lengthy. Make sure that you can speak to every bullet point you have listed. Managers have been known to pick out a random skillset or tool on your resume and ask candidates to give more detail. If you’ve forgotten how you used a particular tool or can’t recall a project from 2010, remove it from your resume! Otherwise, the hiring manager will get the impression that you’re bluffing on some other stuff too.
  4. Get Excited
    Be BOLD and ask what the next steps are at the end of your interview. If you’re excited about the position and the company, don’t hide it! It shows the manager that you’re really interested and serious about your search. Anthony even suggests you ask, “What would keep me from getting this position?” You’re likely to receive instant and transparent feedback, and it gives you the opportunity to evaluate and grow in a space where you might be lacking if you are not the right candidate.

Interested in connecting with Anthony? Reach out today by email amcclarnon@vaco.com or add him on LinkedIn.


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