Can permanent placement solutions help your company in today’s changing world?

We’ve quickly come to recognize that versatility and resilience are in high demand during these unpredictable times. Although the world may be changing and our economy is evolving, many companies are still actively looking for the right talent to help them move forward. 

Thanks to valuable input from our permanent placement clients, we’re developing new services and support systems every day. 

Can permanent placement solutions help your company in today’s changing world? We certainly think so, but we also know that the solutions you need today may be different from the ones you need next week. So we’re adapting, just like you are! 

Last month — which, to be honest, feels like a decade ago — we talked about how permanent placement can help companies find effective remote workers, enable corporate leaders to focus on strategy, and identify candidates with specialized skill sets.  

After checking in with Vaconians and clients across the nation, we came up with a few more ways we think permanent placement can position your business to compete in a world transformed by COVID-19.

Bolstering business resiliency

There’s a lot going on right now, to say the least! We’ve heard from many of our clients that their internal HR and IT teams have their hands full helping employees adjust to their new WFH reality. It’s tough to focus on the future when the present is all-consuming.

Still, companies are looking for creative ways to bolster their business resiliency by identifying changing priorities, different markets, and fresh opportunities. In many cases, this kind of strategic redirection requires a different skill setskillset and a new perspective.

If you’re looking for high-quality, experienced, and pre-vetted candidates to help your business move forward — and you need them right now — permanent placement is a cost-effective and efficient option that takes the stress and uncertainty out of the hiring process. 

Staying ahead of the hiring curve

Times may be changing, but permanent placement solutions can help companies fill critical staffing and leadership needs — within weeks. In many instances, experienced permanent placement advisors can even help your company identify gaps in your team. Then, using their contacts, resources, and pre-vetted talent pool, they can quickly target specific candidates to fill newly-defined roles. 

The best permanent placement partners have always prided themselves on their consultative approach to talent solutions and their ability to offer focused attention, focused effort, and deliver focused outcomes. That’s especially true during this unprecedented moment in time.

Once we emerge from this crisis, we’re going to see pent-up demand for talent. Progressive, forward-thinking employers know this and understand that they’ll get better talent right now. Working with a permanent placement staffing firm is a great opportunity for clients to be proactive and assertive about what they want for their team.

Facilitating virtual interviewing and onboarding

As we continue adjusting to our new normal, we’ve noticed that although some companies are hitting the pause button right now, others are moving full-speed ahead with their interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. 

For those who are still interviewing and hiring, permanent placement experts can help arrange virtual interviews, provide technical guidance, coach teams on how to conduct a successful video interview, and offer assistance with virtual onboarding. 

Finding top talent in a fast-changing world

As companies prepare for what’s next, we will all find that our business challenges and talent needs may shift from day to day. Regardless of whether or not you’re in the market for new talent immediately to address new areas, we know that permanent placement solutions can help you find the top talent you need, right when you need it.

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