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In celebration of Black History Month, I met with Daniel Nfodjo, Senior Consultant, Vaco Cincinnati, to discuss his journey as a college athlete, lifetime learner, Full Stack Developer, and black man in America.

“Black History Month is a time for reflection and understanding,” said Daniel Nfodjo, Senior Consultant, Vaco Cincinnati. “This month not only gives us a chance to appreciate how far we’ve come as a country, but it also provides us an opportunity to remember the past.”

As a child, Daniel grew up in a very strict household. At a very young age, his father instilled in him the importance of education. Without straight A’s, football was out of the question – a sentiment Daniel would later appreciate and be forever grateful.

He first learned of his interest in Computer Sciences through his love for video games. Daniel recalls how “easy” it was using code to unlock unsecure websites. Following high school, he went on to major in Information Technology – Software Development at the University of Cincinnati. Time management was no stranger to Daniel as he juggled responsibilities as a college athlete. Throughout his experiences Daniel learned the important skills of leadership, work ethic, and teamwork.

Today he works on multiple projects for Vaco Cincinnati’s clients. Unassuming of his true talent, Daniel hopes to get better at celebrating his successes as a young professional. He continues to be inspired by his father’s drive and perseverance and encourages individuals of all backgrounds entering the technical field to take risks, and to not limit their potential in this ever-changing industry.

“You can be as good as you want to be, as long as you’re willing to learn,” said Daniel.

About Daniel

Daniel is a result-oriented professional with experience in Software Design, System Architecture, and Business Strategy Consulting. He has a proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and has developed competencies in diverse areas. He truly believes in education, research and continues to challenge himself to be innovative in order to serve his clients and customers.

About Cassy

Cassy was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has lived in Cincinnati for most of her life and considers herself a native. Cassy graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management through Linder’s College of Business in 2014. Her passion for helping children living in poverty lead her from a career path in customer service to the nonprofit arena, serving her community as an Americorps VISTA, and then as Advancement Manager for a small neighborhood nonprofit focused on families, arts and sciences. After taking a few introductory programming classes with Girl Develop It, she decided to join team Vaco. She currently plays the role of Recruiting Specialist and Sales Admin, assisting the Account Executives and Cincinnati’s team of seasoned recruiters. Finding out other’s passions and career goals through active listening, remaining persistent and organized are her keys to success. In her free time, she loves eating sushi, listening to podcasts, playing sand volleyball, crafting, and bringing together her friends and family.


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