Executive Desktop Staples, Including a Stapler

Posted 01/14/19 Team Vaco

How clean and organized is your workspace? Whether it’s a traditional desk or a modern open concept work station, productivity experts and scientists agree that a key to being more productive is a functional workspace. Research also shows that cluttered workspaces lead to quicker frustration versus those with clean and organized desks.

While it is smart to keep your desk clean and tidy, members of Vaco’s Global Executive team recently shared the items they will NEVER remove from their desks and why they’re important.

“My desk is regularly devoid of critical things one needs to function, such as pens and staplers, and I spend more time than I care to admit searching for them! Instead, my desk is regularly stocked with inspiration – photos, cards received and inspirational quotes. Currently starring is a fully American piece with the JFK quote “We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution.” In that same speech he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you…” – Jerry Bostelman, Founder and CEO

“Functionally, I have to have a notebook and a pen. I love to write things down such as concepts, ideas, notes from meetings, lists, etc. It keeps me on top of my game. Personally, it’s my family photo. It keeps me grounded as to what is important and reminds me to step back and look at the big picture.” – Tracey Power, Chief People Officer

“My wavy green ruler! Arthur Andersen issued it in 1990. It cuts paper and helps line up rows on financial statements making them easier to read. I suggest getting one if you have the means.” – Jay Hollomon, Founder and Chief Operating Officer

“What sits on my desktop changes day-to-day. However, my mainstay in my office is my turntable and my vinyls.” – Brian Waller, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

“In recent weeks, I better be able to find a pair of reading glasses on my desk…but for years, it has been my stapler that is my desk staple. That may be a little old school and geeky, but I need a stapler that operates flawlessly. There have been some heated moments when my stapler was missing!” –Todd Sweat, Chief Financial Officer

Jay Hollomon, Vaco Founder and Chief Operating Officer