Five Ways to Refresh Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing a prospective employer sees when you apply for a job. It is your personal selling tool. After you have secured a new job, it is easy for your resume to start collecting dust. You never know when you will be asked for it or need to send it out. You don’t have to update it every week, not even every month, but make sure to refresh it a few times a year.

Check out the below guidance ensuring your resume best reflects your recent professional footprint.

  1. Keep it to one page. Your achievements and experiences are growing, but that doesn’t mean your resume should. To stay to one page, take items off that are outdated. Keep items on that give you credibility for your most recent role or for a role you are pursuing.
  2. Keep it smart and simple! Nobody wants to read ongoing sentences full of fluff or jargon. State exactly what you did with the fewest words possible. Be thoughtful and concise with the content you include on your resume. Hiring managers or recruiters don’t want to dig for what sets you apart — so make it clear.
  3. Professionally speaking, a lot can happen in a year. Update any new achievements that you have received, conferences that you have participated in, or any title growth.
  4. Keep your resume consistent with your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to make sure that anything you have on your resume is also listed on LinkedIn so that there are no inconsistencies.
  5. Tout all your experience. Be sure to include any other opportunities or activities, whether through professional development or community involvement, in which you’ve sharpened your skills.


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