Free Yourself in Raleigh, NC

Posted 09/06/18 Team Vaco

In this edition of Free Yourself Friday, we take you to the City of Oaks, Raleigh, NC, where Vaco provides expert consulting, permanent placement, executive search, and strategic staffing.

Yes, we specialize in premier talent & solutions, but most importantly, we help people find freedom. We believe in the power of an entrepreneurial spirit, staying team focused, and a true work-life balance.

So, if you find yourself in North Carolina on business or vacation, our local Vaconians have the top five places to Free Yourself in Raleigh.

  1. North Carolina Museum of Art

Looking for a dive into all arrays of art? Look no further than the North Carolina Art Museum (NCMA). It’s home to wonderful pieces that span from the ancient world, the Italian Renaissance, baroque periods, and modern influences. From the works of Monet to Frederick Carl Frieseke, the gallery houses hundreds of interesting and thought-provoking pieces. Along with the art, the NCMA is host to trails, a concert venue, a restaurant, outdoor movie nights, and more.

  1. Brewery Bhavana

Listed by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Coolest Places to Eat, Brewery Bhavana is a local must-see place to visit. The flowers and bookshop are just accents to this aesthetically pleasing place. The beers and dim sum are highlights accented with the Asian style cuisine served. It’s a place that will provide you with Instagram worthy pictures.

  1. North Carolina Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market in Raleigh is unlike any other. It is teeming with vendors who have a wide array of goodies. You can purchase local produce, plants and herbs and some of the best jams and jellies. While you’re there, you should also check out the Famers’ Market Restaurant which has the best breakfast around.

  1. Carolina Hurricanes

Raleigh takes great pride in their NHL team, the Carolina Hurricanes, who won the Stanley Cup in 2006. Home games are a fun and interactive event for all ages! When the Hurricanes are not on the ice, they give back to the community in initiatives such as Hockey Fights Cancer, Hockey is for Everyone, funding a children’s non-profit, and local charity drives.

  1. North Carolina State Fair

The state fair is always a blast if you’re in North Carolina during the fall! You will find local goods, a variety of rides and games, livestock, and more. Treats like fried turkey legs and fried Oreos will delight your taste buds, but send you crawling to the gym the next day!

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