Gearing Up In Q4

Posted 10/17/18 Team Vaco

At Vaco, we play til’ the whistle. Now that we are in Q4, it is important to maintain the professional hustle through year-end and effectively prep for the new year.

That said, we asked some of Vaco’s gurus for their advice on closing out the year strong, tips for 2019 and what tech career trends they see ahead for the coming year.

Brad Keenan, Managing Director, Vaco Bridgewater — Our focus is working closely with clients as the year comes to an end. Our teams help analyze client goals for the year and track how they’re doing on IT projects compared to their original plan. If you are behind on a certain project, look at adding specialized skill sets to ensure they are completed on time. Also, for clients that have completed projects under budget for 2018, look at pipelining new resources or ways to capitalize on those extra dollars to get the talent and business solutions you need for 2019.

Allen Gavatin, Recruiter, Vaco Phoenix — A great way to help close out the year on a strong note is to assess your workforce, both in terms of the actual people and the processes in which they operate. Is there a way to maximize year-end production by switching up your project management or implementing a flexible workforce based on the project build and needs? Looking ahead to 2019, a huge technology trend that is applicable for every company or organization is security.

Cristian Ground, Technology Business Development, Vaco San Diego — 2019 will be a year focused heavily on security for the tech world, affecting companies all across the globe. With this, there will be a greater emphasis on IT roles rooted in Identity & Access Management. Another huge trend will be all things data, especially around ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Technology, and DevOps.

Vamsi Divi, Technology Recruiter, Vaco Charlotte — One of my best pieces of advice for always, but especially at the end of the year, is to stay apprised of industry news and trends. Being on top of your game helps your team and company stay experts on who to hire and what to hire for. For 2019, some of the big technology trends to stay on top of include data science, machine learning, AI, and robotics engineering.

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