How automation is changing the workplace and how to prepare

The primary purpose of the installation of process automation into various industries is to help save time, money and resources for the organization. Eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks will give employees more time to allocate towards other pressing assignments. However, many are under the assumption that machine technology is coming to replace them outright – when in reality, AI is being used more and more frequently as a support system for human labor.

Learning more about how automating business practices can be beneficial to your company, or your job specifically, can make the future of technology less scary. Let’s explore what automation really is and how you should prepare yourself for its integration.

What is automation?

There are many different types of automation software, depending on the industry or specific job field you are in. But in general, automating job tasks involves the utilization of ‘bots’ that mirror the user interface to learn how to complete endeavors such as filing documents, populating cells in a spreadsheet, and even how to respond to various client issues that must be dealt with by customer service. It’s estimated that currently, 60 percent of occupations could transition 30 percent or more of their constituent activities to automated practices. Not only does this free up more time for employees to focus on more pressing matters, but machine learning will have the capabilities to be more efficient and make fewer errors.

What industries can utilize automation?

Automation is applicable to several different industries. From accounting and finance to the healthcare industry, automation software can be incorporated to simplify business practices. Even the public sector can add bots to its repertoire for easier, more concise workflows. The list is continuously expanding, as bots for new job tasks are constantly being created and improved to assist in business’ individual preferences and needs. Although training is required, automation software can learn from your actions as you work on a variety of platforms. Only a few short courses would be necessary to ensure your staff can properly operate the system you choose to incorporate.

How is automation streamlined into a business?

Although startup costs can be expensive depending on the number of tasks you plan to automate, installation is fast and can easily be monitored by an IT professional once setup is complete. And bots are easily replicable across entire departments or even company-wide if necessary. Adopting this type of technology has become quick, easy, and effective for medium to large-scale businesses. Don’t let your production process fall behind the competition, and instead, optimize it for pique output and profits.

How much more productive can your business be with automation?

Automating business practices has a direct correlation with productivity in the workplace. Not only will it save you hours of labor costs, but it will also provide added resources where they can have a more significant impact. Larger projects will now take less time and effort, while bots are able to complete the administrative work that would cost more time and money if done by employees. Automation gives businesses the ability to rethink their entire infrastructure, and delegate responsibility much more effectively to supervisors knowing that a large percentage of tasks will be done robotically.

Take advantage of this high-performance technology if possible, as your business will see its benefits almost immediately after installation.

About Dan Thompson

Well, if it isn’t your pal Dan your resident starched white shirt wearing, country music listening, bourbon drinking, technology aficionado — with great socks. Dan leads the Technology business development and recruitment division and enjoys playing a major role in training new Vacotians on the ins-and-outs of technology. Outside of Vaco, you can find him in the rough on our local golf courses, belting his lungs out at a country music concert, attempting to do a pull-up at his gym, or being outside on the Tampa Riverwalk. He’s also an avid supporter and fundraiser for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.


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