How can permanent placement solutions strengthen company culture?

Permanent placement solutions — also known as contingency search or direct-hire recruiting — can help strengthen your company’s culture during times of change and uncertainty.

As we face the rippling effects of the coronavirus, one thing is certain: our world is changing every day. Globally, we’ve come to recognize that hope, optimism, versatility, and resilience will be in demand as people and economies start moving forward once again.

Permanent placement recruiters understand that your company’s needs and your employees’ needs are also changing rapidly. Although our new normal is going to look and feel very different, permanent placement can help your workplace adapt with flexibility and strength.

Paying attention to your company’s core values and culture is just as important today as it was during the early days of the coronavirus — perhaps even more so. When your culture is strong and your vision is clear, your team will be better prepared to adapt quickly, tackle immediate challenges, and seize new opportunities.

Company culture is difficult to quantify because it’s the embodiment of the dynamic relationship between your company, your employees, and their environment. We all know that culture is more than ping pong tables, coffee-on-demand, and fancy snacks. 

A truly great company culture fosters a sense of community, collaboration, camaraderie, acceptance, and encouragement. Flexible work schedules — a requirement in this particular moment in history — also support a healthy work-life balance. Plus, a positive culture is the best way to increase employee engagement and improve productivity and profits.

When it comes to hiring great talent, culture matters. Business News Daily reported that:

  • 77% of job seekers said they would consider a company’s culture before applying.
  • American millennials are more likely to rank work culture above salary as a priority than those age 45 and older. 
  • 89% of adults polled told researchers that it was important for employers to “have a clear mission and purpose.”

For more on the importance of culture, check out our article, “Skills can be learned. Hire for culture.”

In the meantime, here are a few proven ways that permanent placement staffing can strengthen your company culture!

Reinforcing your company’s values by strengthening its identity

Double down on your identity by reinforcing your company’s values. As you start your permanent placement search, it’s important to share your company’s values and culture with your recruiter. Take the time to clearly describe the culture you wish to reinforce so they can actively seek the best candidates for your company.

As you journey through the permanent placement hiring process, keep your company’s values in the spotlight. If your candidates know what you expect of them, it’ll help them make the right decision. Which, in turn, helps strengthen your culture.

Improving accountability by keeping your standards high

One of the surprising effects of permanent placement staffing is that it can help you hold yourself and your team to a higher standard — which can improve organizational accountability.

Accountability may not seem like a top way to maintain great company culture, but it is! As long as you’re consistent and fair about it, your employees will reflect it and candidates will see it. If you’re consistently present, and your messaging is clear throughout the search process, your recruiter, employees, and new hires will follow your lead. 

Building a better company culture by finding the best talent

No matter what, it can be tough and time-consuming to find the perfect candidate for every position. In many instances, the very best candidates may not even be looking for a new opportunity! 

Partnering with a permanent placement staffing recruiter for direct-hire recruiting opens up new pools of talent for your consideration. And if you’re looking to fill high-level partner, VP, or C-suite roles, the best candidates probably wouldn’t even consider a temporary or contract position. This is especially true if they’re already employed full-time! When candidates are contacted by a permanent placement recruiter, they’re far more likely to take your company and your opportunity seriously.

These are the kinds of candidates who will want to get to know, understand, and be a vital part of your company culture.  

Finding top talent in a fast-changing world 

In these challenging times, it’s important to find a permanent placement solution that can help your business adapt to an evolving future. Whenever you need proven talent to support your business objectives, permanent placement solutions can offer a helping hand.

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