How to Avoid Hiring Shock

If you’ve tried to hire a senior accountant or an accounting manager lately, you may still be gasping for breath. We are sitting in the middle of a full-employment market where there’s so much demand for talent that hiring for new positions is super-challenging and your best people may get up and leave unless you’re retention-savvy. Here are some tips for getting – and keeping – the top talent in today’s crazy market, even if you’ve had a position open for a long time.

  • Analyze your salaries – realize that extreme demand pushes up salaries. It’s probably best not to offer for a position that you would have quoted a year ago. Check with Vaco.
  • Be realistic in evaluating perks. Other companies are offering everything from stock options and bonuses, to dog-friendly offices and yoga classes. You also need to create a culture for your employees.
  • Use interim talent so the work doesn’t pile up. Realizing that high demand makes the hiring cycle longer, plan from the beginning to get in a good interim consultant to keep the work up-to-date. No new hire wants to have to catch up on weeks or months of backlog.
  • Don’t have too many steps in your hiring process. While you’re conducting the fifth telephone interview, someone else may snap up your favorite candidate.

On the contrary, use Vaco’s Hosted Interviews (call Vaco today!) as a way of finding top hires in a shorter time. The chart below shows how this effective process cuts down on time from kick-off to candidate start.

  • Understand what you need. Sit down with your team and discuss what the position really requires now and in the future. It will save time and avoid hiring the wrong person.
  • Let Vaco help. Want to know what to offer, how to define the position, what’s realistic? Ask Vaco. We know – and we care.

Want to know how to look like the top employer to your top talent you need? Contact Vaco. We’re here to help.

About Joslyn

Joslyn has spent more than a decade helping companies build out their accounting and finance teams. Outside of the office, she’s a wife to a rocker/engineer and dog mom to two rescue mutts. She loves being an Aunt, speaking fluent Spanish and being on the Board of EmpowHer Institute serving middle school girls in at-risk LA communities.


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