Impact your career and community through relationships

Early in my career, one of my mentors encouraged me to get aligned with all women’s groups tied to my respective industry. Now I preach about how crucial it is to invest your time in researching organizations and leadership programs in your community that you can join and/or participate in.

In Cincinnati, the Regional Chamber has a WE Lead program designed to connect women across the city to help prepare them for the next stage in their career. The program is designed to provide professional development and executive coaching, as well as foster an environment of trust to share strategies and provide support. You will have to devote the time in building your network, but the relationships and guidance you gain will support you indefinitely in your career. As the famous saying goes, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Being a woman in the business world can be enough of a whirlwind, so being able to cultivate relationships and learn from peers in your area who have made an impact in their respective fields is immeasurable. From them, you can absorb not only the principles to apply and help guide your professional journey but also in your personal one.

Recently, I was anonymously nominated to join the nine-month Leadership Action Program through Cincinnati’s Regional Chamber. The program began with a 20-person group of men and women, who were also nominated, and the organization then split everyone into two groups of 10. After we were grouped, we listened to eight local non-profits each provide a presentation on why our specific team should work with them to improve, help grow and gain awareness about their involvement in the community (picture our team as the judges on the ABC TV show, Shark Tank). After each of the two teams chose the non-profit that they wanted to support, we were then responsible for doing everything in our power to help the non-profit which includes working with leaders and leveraging relationships in Cincinnati’s city. It’s the perfect example in demonstrating how important it is to form and maintain relationships with people in a diverse set of areas of expertise, passions and interests. I was excited to bring my Vaco spirit in staying team focused throughout the process.

My nine-months with the program will end in May, but the people I have met, helped and grown to know and adore will stay with me forever. It will not only help me personally in my career, but it has already help bring attention to Vaco in our community and has provided our Vaco Cincinnati team with contacts who are interested in our services. At Vaco, we have a culture that is prideful about its power of relationships and I have been able to share that within my local community.

Liliane Mylott, Managing Partner, Vaco Cincinnati

About Liliane

As a 21-year veteran in the IT services industry, Liliane is focused on growing the Vaco name within the Cincinnati market. She targets all sizes of companies, exploring where our IT services and solutions can help solve their business problems. She is a proud mother of a 14-year-old son who is very active in sports year-round. In addition, she teaches an exercise class five times a week and enjoys spending time with family and close friends drinking Vino and cooking!


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