Meeting the demands of a changing world with flexibility and strength

Our world is changing — and it’s changing fast. Today’s reality is different than yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s will likely be different than today’s. We are all adapting quickly as we work toward ensuring business continuity during times of uncertainty. Shifting demands require businesses to address new challenges with agility. If your business is still looking to address immediate staffing needs quickly, permanent placement solutions may be your answer.

Now, more than ever, we need flexibility and strength in the workplace. However, as the physical, emotional, and economic impact of COVID-19 charges through stock exchanges, office buildings, schools, and communities across the globe, we’re recognizing that your company’s needs and your employees’ needs are going to be changing rapidly over the coming weeks. 

Even with CDC-recommended social distancing in effect, it’s important to recognize that relationships are vital to our emotional and economic wellbeing. Flexibility and strength, two of Vaco’s founding values, have become solid guiding principles for today’s business leaders. 

So we’re going to be flexible here. If your business needs to adapt to today’s changing realities, permanent placement staffing can help in a few surprising ways.

Finding the most effective remote workers 

Although we’re not sure what tomorrow will bring, it’s safe to say that how we work, where we work, and who we work with is going to keep changing. 

As the needs of your business — and the working world — change, permanent placement can help you find candidates who are able to self-start, self-discipline, and contribute to your team while working remotely.

More and more employers are shifting to a work-from-home model. And that’s okay! Encouraging, in fact. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, shared the following  in a recent interview with The Chicago Tribune:

“When a crisis like the new coronavirus temporarily forces companies into remote work, it tends to show them that it can be done successfully. But it can also demonstrate the benefits beyond disaster preparedness. What many organizations learn from the experience is that a remote work program, when approached strategically, can deliver far greater organizational benefits such as improved (talent) attraction and retention, increased productivity and engagement, reduced real estate costs and environmental impact and more.”

Working from home really works. A Gallup poll found that 43% of U.S. employees already work remotely some or all of the time, and a number of different studies show remote workers are more productive and profitable than on-site employees. 

Social distancing may simply be accelerating a change that has already been taking place in the American workforce. Yes, your company will have to show unprecedented levels of adaptability to meet the current crisis, but permanent placement staffing can help you find candidates who perform successfully … from home.

Creating the time and space to focus on strategy

Working with a permanent placement recruiter saves time. Right now, that’s time your team can use to focus on short- and long-term planning. 

When you work with a permanent placement recruiter, they’ll take care of identifying,  assessing, and pre-screening candidates for you. All you’ll have to do is select your top options from a roster of pre-qualified candidates and conduct a few interviews to find the ideal fit.  Many talent and solution firms even offer interview coordination services — like hosted interviews or video interviews — to further streamline the hiring process.

“During times of immense growth and change within an organization, hiring a temp-to-hire role allows you to avoid investing precious time looking for the perfect candidate, processing payroll, paying taxes, paying benefits, and completing onboarding paperwork … When the needs of your business flex, a temp-to-hire position allows you to bring on that professional as a full-time employee,” notes Vaco Associate Recruiter Fiorela Lindsey.

Identifying candidates with specialized skill sets

As we noted at the start of the article, we’re living in a moment where flexibility and strength need to coexist. Whether you’re looking for a candidate who has experience leading remote workers or you need to find an executive who successfully navigated economic challenges previously, permanent placement staffing can help. 

Permanent placement and talent solutions firms can also become a valuable advisory and consultative resource as you balance your job description against the importance of innate attributes, hard skills, industry knowledge, work experience, cultural fit, diversity, soft skills, emotional intelligence, and drive.

Here at Vaco, we believe that change is a good thing. We’d just rather a global pandemic wasn’t driving it. We’re here if you need us. Contact Us to find out if Vaco’s Permanent Placement staffing solutions can help your business meet the challenges ahead with flexibility and strength. Be well. Stay healthy.


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