Millennials on the Move – Job Search 101

There has been an ongoing debate for some time regarding millennials in workplace. There’s one school of thought that believes this generation feels entitled when it comes to hard work and company loyalty. However, a 2016 study reveals that millennials who feel they’re at a great workplace are 25 times more likely to plan a long-term future at that workplace.

Recent studies and research have shown nearly 70% of millennials believe it’s more difficult to find work after graduation compared to older generations. With that in mind, more Vaco experts (who just so happen to be millennials!) share advice to recent grads on what they can do to make the job search process easier.

Tom Maier | Recruiter | Orlando

“Your reputation is one of your greatest assets. Now, more than ever, your personal life is public, and it is extremely easy for others to see what you have posted on social media. If you haven’t done so already, go back into your social media accounts and audit them. Make sure everything that you have posted, shared, tweeted OR plan to do so in the future is a good representation of you and your future employer.

Morgan Martin | Client Associate | Nashville

“Use recruiting firms. Starting the job search on your own immediately after college can be daunting. By enlisting the help of a recruiting firm, you’re able to tap into all of their networks and available resources.”

Nick Doneff | Recruiter | Houston

“While job hunting, keep a planner to track all of your efforts and set goals. How many jobs do you want to apply for each week? How many interviews are you striving to get? Also use this to schedule your time for research and follow-ups. By doing this, you can stack the process and create a detailed map for success.”

Kelly Danaher | Recruiter | Columbus

“Hand write thank you notes after all interviews! You can still send a thank you email the same day you complete an interview, but also take the time to send a hand-written note to anyone you met with. “

Patrick Thomas | Business Development | Nashville

“Instead of diving right into a full-time job, millennials should consider consulting as a means to enhance and learn new skills. It’s a great way for younger professionals to get their feet wet as well as learn the market, certain industries or even a new city.”

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