7 Reasons to Partner with a Recruiter During Your Job Search

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Whether you just finished up a project-based assignment or you’re looking for your next permanent home, the realities of the job hunt are all you can think about. So, now you ne­­­ed to figure out how to maneuver through it all. Do you have the patience to craft that unforgettable resume, search through the endless job postings, and wait for interviews to line up? If that sounds like something you’d rather bypass, look into partnering with a recruiter at a staffing agency. As a job seeker, there are many perks that come with having a recruiter on your side to navigate the job search.

It’s free

Imagine having a recruiter take the heavy load of job searching off your shoulders and you not having to pay them a dime. That is exactly what happens when job seekers partner with recruiters in their job search. The companies who are hiring pay the recruiting agencies, so the service is 100% free to the job seeker.

Save yourself time and stress

Consider the time you take perfecting your resume, scanning job boards, and filling out applications.If you’re currently working, this added time can feel like you’re working two jobs. Not to mention the stress of going through that to potentially not receive a response from the employer. It can be frustrating to navigate this process on your own without a recruiter who is actively advocating for you to hiring managers.

Expand your network

If you aren’t working with a recruiter, you’re probably relying on your network of friends, family, and former colleagues to get inside knowledge on job opportunities. Even though that could be a large group of people, it pales in comparison to the amount of connections recruiters have with hiring managers in your area. While your friend may know someone who works at a company you’re interested in, they may not have a direct connection with the person in charge of hiring that position. However, recruiters do and having someone market you directly to potential employers only heightens your chances of landing an interview.

Access to more job opportunities

Without the help of a recruiter, job seekers only see opporuntities that are posted on job boards.There are plenty of companies who are searching for new hires that go directly to recruiting agencies to find candidates for their positions. If you aren’t partnered with a recruiter, then you may lose out on the ability to apply for those roles.

Earn your desired salary range

Having a recruiter on your side means that you have someone advocating on your behalf. They know your value based on your experience and what your desired salary range is, so they are going to market you accordingly to employers to get you the best opportunities possible.

Find a culture fit

Working for a company that aligns with your values and provides additional perks has become increasingly important for job seekers in recent years. By meeting with a recruiter, you can voice what you’re wanting interms of company culture. This allows them to match you with employers who embody that. Additionally, they can advise you on companies in your area that they know wouldn’t be a culture fit which saves you the time of applying to those positions.

Have a labor market expert

Sometimes there’s a connotation that recruiters take advantage of the submission process in hopes of getting a pay out from it. At Vaco, our recruiters serve as labor market experts by providing job seekers with an abundance of resources including interview preparation tips, best practices for resume formatting, and education for salary trends in your market. All of this will help you stand out amongst other job seekers who have applied for the same position.


By partnering with a recruiter, you minimize the stress of searching, free up some of your time for other important things, and gain extensive access to job opportunities. Navigating the job search can be challenging, so don’t do it alone.

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