Nashville Core Tenet Spotlight: Be Electable

All Vaconians [Vaco employees] live by a set of core tenets that drive our culture and shape the way we work. Kyle Allen, Vaco’s Nashville Managing Partner, sat down with some of the outstanding people at the office who exemplify each of the core tenets. In this feature, we see how Lynzi Loyd embodies the tenet, “be electable.”

What does this core tenet mean to you?

To me, it means knowing you can be counted on to volunteer and rise up when opportunities present themselves. As Vaco continues to grow, we are encouraged to evolve professionally and seek out new challenges.

If you could summarize this core tenet in one sentence, what would it be?

“Be Electable” means that you can be relied on by your team and office to step up to the plate when needed!

How would you describe this core tenet to someone who doesn’t work at Vaco?

I would describe this core tenet as someone who is seen as a “go-to person” in the office because of their ability to volunteer for opportunities as they arise and take ownership of that task. They respond to the call and ensure the job gets done.

How do you think this core tenet has led to Vaco’s success over the years?

A few examples that come to mind that I’ve seen at Vaco over the years are having an idea to lead and start a new division, the ability to create and start a new position, opportunities for promotions, and being a point person to get our company involved in community events.

How do you apply this core tenet to your day-to-day life at Vaco?

When I see opportunities to “be electable,” I jump at them. For example, taking notes on a new process to share with my team, sharing knowledge about new company offerings, and streamlining new initiatives for our team. These things not only benefit me professionally, but our company as a whole.

How do you think this core tenet differentiates Vaco from other recruiting and staffing agencies?

In my experience hearing from others who work at other agencies, they don’t have as much freedom as Vaco to have these opportunities. Our entrepreneurial spirit is the heart of Vaco, and I believe this is the biggest differentiator.

Name one famous person (dead or alive) who you think exemplifies this mentality?

Thomas Edison who was quoted saying, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

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