Nashville Core Tenet Spotlight: Outlaws Welcome

All Vaconians [Vaco employees] live by a set of core tenets that drive our culture and shape the way we work. Kyle Allen, Vaco’s Nashville Managing Partner, sat down with some of the outstanding people at the office who exemplify each of the core tenets. In this feature, we see how Chris “Spinman” Spintzyk embodies the tenet, “Outlaws Welcome.”

What does this core tenet mean to you?

Outlaws Welcome cuts to the heart of what I think Vaco is all about. Vaco not only wants but encourages you to be yourself, praises you for it, and gives you every tool to be successful all while allowing you to march to the beat of your own drum. Vaco truly welcomes everyone and it’s freaking awesome!

If you could summarize this core tenet in one sentence, what would it be?

Be yourself because everyone else is taken!

How would you describe this core tenet to someone who doesn’t work at Vaco?

Outlaws Welcome simply means that you get to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. That person is valued, embraced, encouraged, and celebrated and is given every opportunity to be as successful as he or she wants to be while never being asked to change who they are – so long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s Outlaw.

How do you apply this core tenet to your day-to-day life at Vaco?

This core tenet gives me the ability to operate my business the way I want to. It allows me to bring my unique self, personality, quirkiness and uniqueness to every relationship that I establish both internally and externally. We have guidelines in place but no hard and fast rules which gives us the flexibility to do what we think is right in order to best serve our candidates and our clients. The “Spinman” is embraced here and encouraged to be front and center always.

How do you think this core tenet differentiates Vaco from other recruiting and staffing agencies?

I believe this core tenet is what truly separates us from everyone else. We are allowed to blaze new trails, we are encouraged to try new things, and we are given the freedom to color outside the lines and think outside the box. There is nothing here that is set in stone, no ultimatums…and that allows us to be nimble and opportunistic. This is not looked down upon but instead encouraged. The whole dare to be different catch phrase is alive and well here at Vaco. Outlaws Welcome is the ethos from where all the good stuff comes!

Name one famous person (dead or alive) who you think exemplifies this mentality?

Jim Morrison, Miles Davis, Richard Branson, and Dennis Rodman.

About “Spinman”


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