Nashville Core Tenet Spotlight: Play ‘Til the Whistle

All Vaconians [Vaco employees] live by a set of core tenets that drive our culture and shape the way we work. Kyle Allen, Vaco’s Nashville Managing Partner, sat down with some of the outstanding people at the office who exemplify each of the core tenets. In this feature, we see how Kaylee Osland embodies the tenet, “play ‘til the whistle.”

What does this core tenet mean to you?

To me, there are a couple of meanings or ways to understand this core tenet. First – Hustle.  “Play ‘til the Whistle” means pushing yourself to be your best, holding yourself accountable, and going the extra mile even when you don’t always think you have it in you.

Second – stay long term. What do you need and want from Vaco (and vice versa) for a long-term, challenging, successful, and fulfilling career?  How is what you’re focusing on day-in and day-out strategically contributing to your ability to stay long term?  Are you having the right conversations?

If you could summarize this core tenet in one sentence, what would it be?

Always give 100% effort for your organization, those you serve, and yourself (from A to Z, from beginning to end, at every step).

How would you describe this core tenet to someone who doesn’t work at Vaco?

“Play ‘til the Whistle” is one of Vaco’s 11 core tenets and it means to always give your best, to never give up, and to focus on long-term success for your clients, candidates, and yourself.

How do you think this core tenet has led to Vaco’s success over the years?

“Play ‘til the Whistle” has led to Vaco’s success by creating long-term meaningful and successful relationships, partnerships, and careers.

How do you apply this core tenet to your day-to-day life at Vaco?

This core tenet can apply to everything!  For example, when you work a job order tirelessly with an attention to detail and a level of client service like it is the most important one you’ll ever have, you are “Playing ‘til the Whistle”.  The same can be said to every other area including (but not limited to) working with a candidate, developing business, helping a teammate, or planning your next steps in your career.

Some additional examples of “Playing ‘til the Whistle” could include the following:

  • Making that extra reach to a candidate or client at the end of the day though the easiest thing to do would be to go home
  • Continuing to fill the pipeline with candidates and prospective clients even when things are going well
  • Being as detail-oriented as possible
  • Being more strategic with your clients (example quarterly review meetings),
  • Staying in close contact with candidates and clients during the hiring/recruiting process and providing them with a level of service or detail orientation that they are not going to find anywhere else
  • Arranging your schedule to allow for 1 or 2 nights of working a little past 5pm (or alternatively, maybe getting to work 30 minutes or an hour earlier)
  • Being proactive with your team lead/managing partner about your career path and how to get there

How do you think this core tenet differentiates Vaco from other recruiting and staffing agencies?

Rather than focusing on individual and isolated transactions with the goal being to earn a quick commission, Vaco focuses on long-term, quality relationships both externally and internally.  Vaco wants to “Play ‘til the Whistle” for our clients, our candidates, and our internal employees.  This “Play ‘til the Whistle” mentality results in higher success rates, satisfaction, return ofbusiness, and retention of those we work with.

Name one famous person (dead or alive) who you think exemplifies this mentality?

Kobe Bryant (The Mamba Mentality)

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