Nashville Core Tenet Spotlight: Stay Team Focused

All Vaconians [Vaco employees] live by a set of core tenets that drive our culture and shape the way we work. Kyle Allen, Vaco’s Nashville Managing Partner, sat down with some of the outstanding people at the office who exemplify each of the core tenets. In this feature, we see how Kendra James embodies the tenet, “stay team focused.”

What does this core tenet mean to you?

In my opinion, “Stay Team Focused” means working WITH and FOR the group, as I can’t do my job without my team and they can’t do theirs without me. I’m not afraid to speak up or be humbled by my peers, and the same goes for the rest of the team.

If you could summarize this core tenet in one sentence, what would it be?

“To build a strong team, you must see someone else’s strength as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority.”

How would you describe this core tenet to someone who doesn’t work at Vaco?

Vaco values people who value others.

How do you think this core tenet has led to Vaco’s success over the years?

Vaco gives each of us the opportunity to create our own path while letting our voices be heard as individuals along the way. It’s so important that while we’re speaking up, we’re making sure to listen to each other as well so we can work towards the common goal of improving and succeeding as an organization. As we continue to invite new people with fresh perspectives to join the Vaco family, we still value the opinions of those who built the foundation and keep us grounded. That’s how we evolve and continue to stay successful.

How do you apply this core tenet to your day-to-day life at Vaco?

My role at Vaco is in operations, so every day I listen to the needs of the recruiters and sales teams as well as the shared services department to determine how we can be the most efficient and effective team.

How do you think this core tenet differentiates Vaco from other recruiting and staffing agencies?

Vaco not only sees the worth in working as a team internally but sees it in working with clients and candidates as well. We’re always doing our best to make decisions that culminate a win-win situation. That’s what makes us stand out.

Name one famous person (dead or alive) who you think exemplifies this mentality?

Katie Sowers, who made headlines for being the first female NFL coach to get her team to the Super Bowl. She stands out on her own but works hard to make sure her players are doing their best and have her to lean on.

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