Hot Tech Jobs in Nashville: September 2019

Nashville’s more than just Music City, now. Our meteoric rise as an economic hub continues to garner attention across the nation. Finally in the spotlight for more than just cowboy boots and Southern drawls, Nashville is shining in the tech industry. From local company expansions to national tech giant relocations, tech jobs are coming in hot. The three hottest that we’re currently seeing include:

.Net .Net .Net

Nashville is the place to eat hot chicken… and to work as a .Net developer. Our clients have had an overwhelming need for this skillset over the past several months, and demand for .Net developers far outweighs the supply.

Business Analyst

Just as the Ryman Auditorium is a constant for Nashville, so are the opportunities for business analysts here in the city. Companies are continuously looking to add analytical members to their team to help streamline communication and drive efficiency as the liaison between their business and their development teams.


We all know music is a common thread that holds much of this city together, but did you know that development is comparably as prevalent among clients in our market? Given that nodes can now write your entire application in JS, this has become a favored skillset among companies since they can move developers across teams more effectively.

There’s never been a better time to live in Music City, or should I say Tech City? The influx of new jobs spanning industries from music to health care to finance gives tech professionals a plethora of opportunities to work somewhere they’ll fit best, both skill-wise and culturally. If you’re actively seeking new opportunities, make sure you’re staying connected in the tech community whether through user groups or partnering with a recruiter. If you’re interested in learning more about the high demand for tech talent, check out the Nashville Chamber’s 2019 Tech Workforce Study.

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