How to ensure your new hire has a positive first day

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Having a new hire join your team can be a weight lifted off your shoulders. No more reading resumes or scheduling job interviews to keep you up at night while you balance your other workload. Even though the offer is signed, the start date is set, and you’ve been using the transition time to prepare, you still need to put in the necessary steps to ensure your new hire’s first day goes off without a hitch. We’ve all heard the stories of someone who showed up to their first day on a new job and things went haywire due to lack of preparation and execution. We want to help you avoid that painful first memory for them (so it doesn’t come back to bite you later if they quit after a few months in). It’s crucial that your new hire experiences your company culture and feels part of the team from day one. Here are some steps you can follow to create a positive first day for your new hire:

As soon as they arrive:

  • Prep the receptionist on the new hire (name, picture, time they’re arriving) so they are recognized as soon as they walk in the door
  • Have their desk organized and set up with all the necessary office supplies
  • Give them enough swag to immediately make them feel part of the team
  • Give them a tour of the office so they know where everything is located and can meet all of their new coworkers
  • Add them to all re-occurring meetings that they’ll need to be involved in and take the time to explain what each meeting is. That way they can fully prepare and schedule around those meetings as their schedule starts to fill up

Throughout the day:

  • Schedule a lunch with a few key members of their team so they can get to know them better
  • Have their first day mapped out to meet with the appropriate teammates including their hiring manager, HR, and colleagues to begin their training
  • Ensure the new hire is interacting with someone or something the entire day. No one wants to sit around on their first day with nothing to do
  • Celebrate their first day with an afternoon toast in the breakroom or lobby to congratulate them on joining the team

After their first day:

  • If you have office wide meetings, use that time to introduce them and give them a chance to speak
  • Share their picture and story on social media to promote them to your company’s followers
  • Include them in any upcoming social or group events that you have in the office so they can continue getting to know the team
  • Set up meetings with different members within the office to gain knowledge and insight of the company as a whole instead of only engaging with people within their department
  • Provide the training tools to make them successful and let them know of any other professional development opportunities available to them
  • Set a meeting for one month in; you can see how they’re adjusting and also get feedback on how they think the onboarding process is or if they have any suggestions on ways to improve

No pressure, but the first day at a new job is memorable to employees. Make sure when they think back on it later on in life, that they’ll be filled with positive memories. After all, this was the perfect person for your job opening, so you want them to know how grateful you are to have them on the team.

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