Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Kristyn Howell

Kristyn Howell, Partner at Vaco Nashville

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Vaco Nashville wanted to shine a light on some of the phenomenal women in our Vaco family. We hope that by learning more about them, you’ll be as inspired as we are by their empowering spirits.

Q: How have your unique experiences and qualities enabled you to thrive in your role at Vaco?

A: Before I worked at Vaco, I actually used to be a client myself and was often having regular communication with sales vendors that were trying to get approved to do business with our company (in the billboard industry, as random as that is). So now that I’m on the sales side, I always think back to when I was on the client side and how I liked to be treated by my sales vendors, so I constantly strive to emulate that.

Q: Which core tenet exemplifies your history at Vaco, and why?

A: “Play ‘til the whistle” has always been my biggest go-to (and/or play before the whistle if you’re an early morning person, or keep playing after the whistle to make that extra call after 5:00). Don’t burn the candle at both ends, but do at least play (hard) ‘til the whistle. Otherwise you’re just short-changing yourself.

Q: How has Vaco empowered you to have the freedom to be successful both professionally and personally?

A: The fact that Vaco leadership trusts me to run my business effectively without making someone supervise every client meeting with me – that has always been something I’m incredibly thankful for. Because of that, I’ve gained such a personal and professional confidence in myself. I’m 10x more confident in myself now than I was 5 years ago before I started working at Vaco.

Q: There are so many powerful women who influence those around them for years to come. Who is that person for you and why?

A: Tammy Edwards! (my mom) That woman is powerful, influential, and awesome. She kills it. She’s been in real estate sales my whole life, so I grew up watching her example of constantly putting in that extra effort and seeing her hard work pay off. She’s incredible- everyone needs a Tammy in their life. She’s a huge reason for who I am today.

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