Orange County’s Extraordinary Women in Business: Jennifer McCasland (as seen in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur)

Jennifer McCasland - Orange County's Extraordinary Women in Business

Through camaraderie and healthy competition, Jennifer McCasland finds success alongside her team, clients, and candidates.

It wasn’t Jennifer McCasland’s accolades or work history that attracted Vaco’s leadership to hire the then 30-year-old entrepreneur to open and lead their Orange County office. It was what wasn’t on her resume—her free spirit, tenacity, and innate ability to build authentic relationships.

“I took a leap of faith, leaving my career as a CPA, to take on a new opportunity of building a company my way,” says McCasland, managing partner of Vaco’s Orange County office. “It was freeing and personable. The goal was to help clients find talent, help talent find careers, and grow teams along the way.”

Now, sitting in her vaulted-ceiling, chic black-and-white living room, McCasland reminisces on the last 17 years of providing professional services in Orange County, her leadership evolution, and the power of relationships. “When I started, it was a Sarbanes-Oxley world, and we were supporting clients in that realm,” McCasland explains. “Then, it was 2008, our coffee machine was being rolled out of the office, and our team went from ten to two because we couldn’t afford anything. Today, I have partners alongside me who are growing their teams to serve beyond accounting and finance, and we’re celebrating every win together.”

Everyone wants to win and be successful, but McCasland coaches her team to focus on long-term impact rather than shortcuts and temporary fixes, building a foundation of knowing the difference between right and wrong when it comes to forming an approach.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, McCasland’s team often works directly with hiring managers, allowing them to get to know people personally to find the best solution for their business. It is an education as much as it is a successful placement or project engagement.

“When we do what’s right, success will follow. It’s not always easy, and there are challenges. But we all sleep better knowing we put the client and candidate first. I sleep better knowing my team understands that.”

Jennifer McCasland

Jennifer McCasland, Managing Partner, Vaco in Orange County

Compassionate Competition

McCasland builds her team using the same approach she employs for a client. By selectively hiring those who are hungry, but who also value camaraderie, she has created an empowering environment that is equally compassionate and competitive.

“The art of finding and bringing out the individual strengths and aspirations of each employee is what keeps me excited,” says McCasland. “When you learn and tap into individual skills, people will begin to speak up, lead, and then work feels less like work.”

McCasland mirrors the same morals in her personal life. When guests walk into her home, they are greeted by McCasland’s 90-pound dog named Bonzai, see photos of her two kids, husband, and friends, and feel instantly welcomed. She talks about work and life, openly shares stories and advice, plugs CrossFit, and offers coffee or wine (depending on the time).

“I’m surrounded by good people who genuinely want to help others succeed, which forces me to be the best version of myself,” McCasland explains. “I’m proud of what we’ve built, grateful for everyone who has helped along the way, and excited for what’s next.”

Jennifer McCasland is a CPA who has over ten years of accounting and recruiting experience in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She currently serves as the Managing Partner for Vaco’s Orange County office.


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