The Power of Thank-You Notes

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the post-interview norm of sending a thank-you note, but in today’s technology-focused world are thank-you notes becoming a thing of the past? I’d say no, quite the contrary. Whether it’s a quick email after an interview or a handwritten note, a thank-you message can go a long way.

Let’s explore thank-you notes from both a candidate and hiring manager perspective:

Writing a Thank-You Note as a Candidate:

  • Keep it simple and sincere – nothing is worse than a note that looks like it was copied, pasted and sent to 100 other people.
  • Don’t be “too” formal – try to relate the thank-you note back to personal connections made during your interview while also including your excitement for the role.
  • If you can, mail or drop off a handwritten note – an email can get lost in a hiring manager’s busy inbox. You can always bring a blank thank-you note with you, take a few minutes to reflect on your interview (in your car or at a nearby coffee shop), and then go back to the office and drop your note off at the front desk.

But what about from the hiring manager’s perspective? If you just interviewed a rock star candidate, take the time to send them a quick follow up (email is fine in this scenario). I bet if you think they are a rock star, so do the 10 other companies they are interviewing with. A thank-you note from a hiring manager can go a long way when it comes time for the candidate to decide on whose offer letter to sign.

Writing a Thank-You Note as a Hiring Manager:

  • Thank them for taking the time to come in to meet with you.
  • Tie back any personal connections you made during your interview.
  • Let them know some specific and exciting initiatives they will take on upon joining or tell them the value you believe they will add to the team.
  • Provide your contact info and ensure that they can give you a call with any questions.

About Amanda Green

Amanda is an Accounting & Finance Talent Advisor at Vaco Denver, specializing in temporary contract consulting roles. Prior to Vaco, she started her career as an auditor at Deloitte where she served clients in the Public Utilities and Oil & Gas industries. Amanda grew up in the beautiful state of New Mexico where she also attended college, the University of New Mexico – Anderson School of Management, earning a BBA in Accounting and an MBA focused on Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management.

It is Amanda’s goal to add value to companies and their employees through excellent candidate and client service. She has an analytic mind, but people are her passion!

In Amanda’s free time she enjoys all the adventures that the amazing state of Colorado has to offer, from snowboarding in the winter to Red Rocks concerts in the summer — she is happy to call this beautiful state her playground!


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