Top Employment Tips to Make 2020 the Best Year Yet

Okay, you’ve been crafting up your personal New Year’s resolutions, but now let’s focus on how your business is about to be wildly successful in 2020! Here are three key hiring, team building and employment tips that can fuel success:

Yes, You Can Hire for Skill, But Don’t Forget the Shared Values
Of course, you want to hire for the skills you need, but equally important is an alignment of shared values. Sharing values is crucial to optimize productivity and create retention. The values are the “why I work here” proposition. Having to move people off the team because their skills or values don’t match takes a lot of effort, so hiring for the culture and values will save you time and money in the long run. Or better yet, let Vaco make that perfect match since we value – service, relationships, culture, and delighting clients and consultants while having a little bit of fun.

Delegate to Grow and Prosper
You know well that in growing a department, business unit, or company, initially, everyone must wear many hats. But in order to scale and handle increased demands on your time, leaders have to rely on competent teams capable of handling more tasks. It’s hard to let go, but this year let’s build the right teams and assure we train them to be able to delegate to them. The best people thrive on responsibility and you’ll thrive when you don’t have to do it all.

Recognize When You Need a Subject Matter Expert
Just because you’ve hired well and you’ve delegated essential tasks, doesn’t mean you have all the expertise you need all the time. Peak seasonality, shifting burdens on employees and special projects can leave you with occasional gaps in subject matter expertise. That’s when you need a consulting expert who can seamlessly fill the gaps. Vaco is here to provide an interim or project expert when this makes the most sense. A player who can hit the ground running and make a difference right away will propel you forward.

Here’s to a year of success through collaboration! We’d be honored to help you build a winning team.

Learn more about Joslyn Osborn, our subject matter expert and how Vaco Los Angeles can help you.

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