Turning a Workspace into a Homespace

Beautiful Vaco communal workspace

Vaco challenges the status quo, and the design of Vaco Tampa’s new office is no exception. By blurring the lines of “work” and “home,” the renovated space is one where clients, candidates, and consultants all feel more than welcome. From open work stations that fuel collaboration and healthy competition to an indoor patio that encourages working hard and playing harder, the space is a unique reflection of Vaco’s culture.

Everyone talks about culture, but how do you create a space that authentically displays it? Irreverent and transparent by nature, Vaco Tampa’s core values are evoked through fun and energetic pops of color and pattern in an open space with plenty of room for innovation and fun.

In designing the space, functionality was key, but making it all feel like home was mission critical. From hiring to retiring, Vaco seeks to offer an epic career adventure for its people that could never be found outside its walls. Part of that is creating a space where Vaco players will work for the duration of their careers to serve clients, candidates, and consultants for the duration of theirs. An office has to feel like more than an office, it has to feel like home because oftentimes, colleagues feel more like family.

“When designing our home, we asked ourselves what the family needed to best collaborate, laugh, cry, and live together each day,” said Matthew Hall, Vaco Tampa Managing Director, Administration and Operations.

And what’s a home without a space for guests?

“Our office space mixes utility and culture, professionalism and fun, and modern with practicality,” said Dan Thompson, Vaco Tampa Senior Director, Technology. “I fully believe if you are proud of your work, you should be proud of the place you do that work. We’re always proud to welcome clients, candidates, and consultants into our space.”

So, how does a team go from something intangible, like a culture that has been built over the last 10+ years, and turn it into a tangible, working, collaborative space?

Vaco Tampa Managing Partner, Bradley Hewett, explained how difficult it was to illustrate the office culture to someone on the outside and turn a physical space into its reflection. After hearing Hewett’s vision for the space, the planning and design team of Create + Co. and FB Contractors nailed the project — and we have the photos to prove it.

“If fashion is a reflection of a person – and in some cases viewed as wearing art – then the space we work in should be a reflection of the office culture or the team’s personality in the form of working in art,” said Hewett.

Enjoy a photo tour of the new space below — and if you’re local, please accept our invitation to come over! We’ll even tell you the secret code to get into the speakeasy.

Photographs by: Seamus Payne




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