Vaco Agile Webinar – Essential Patterns of Successful Agile Transformations

We ran an experiment with the Vaco Agile team in Raleigh about delivering a webinar. We wanted to see if there would be interest. But we also wanted to learn exactly how to do it and shake out our tools and processes.

So we planned on two separate dates, one in August and the other in October, for the 2-part presentation.

It turned out that our expectations were exceeded, both by the interest of our audience and by what we learned regarding what to do and what not to do when organizing one of these events.

All-in-all, a successful first-try.

If you want to check out the recordings, you can find them here:

Here’s a link to the series slides in PDF format.

Webinar Overview

The very title of this talk might challenge you. Many don’t like to use the term transformation, preferring instead to use words like adoption, migration, transition, business agility shift or many other phrases. Regardless of the term used, this talk focuses on how to move an organization (teams, leaders, people, culture, etc.) towards more agile approaches to product development. And its raison d’etre is that many (most) really struggle in doing that.

Join Bob Galen and Mary Thorn as they explore 20 critical patterns for transformations in this two-part session. Among the topics covered include finding the right agile champion, setting up an Agile Transformation Team, why it’s critical for leadership to be agile first, and how to find and communicate the why behind your transformation.

We’ll also explore some of the organizational (structure, roles, alignment) challenges that you’ll have to break down to then build back up. Finally, we’ll review the role that leadership plays in safety, culture, modeling, and generally guiding the transformation change journey.

You’ll leave this session with oodles of ideas around how to create an effective and balanced transformation backlog (strategy) that you can immediately start executing for your own transformations.

What’s Next?

We want to do more webinars and are looking for your feedback on relevant topics that might be of interest. Please send it to:


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