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If you’re looking for strategic, long-term solutions at an affordable price point, managed services may be exactly what your company needs.

 Vaco Managed Services provides sophisticated and flexible business solutions. Companies around the world rely on Vaco Managed Services for project and quality management, content trust and safety, software development, and  IT support. 

We’re also the go-to managed services provider for tech startups and incubators. 

No problem is too big and no problem is too small.

That’s what we do. But how we do it is what makes Vaco Managed Services the best in the business.

Managed Services Case Studies

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What are managed services?

For many companies, managed services represents a major shift in how they do business. For our roster of clients — which include blue-chip stalwarts and a social media video app best known for catapulting this summer’s hottest song into the stratosphere —  Vaco Managed Services presents a turnkey solution that enables them to continue innovating and focusing on their core business model.

What can Vaco Managed Services do for you?

At Vaco, we offer diverse content, incubation, support, and technology managed services for the technology, digital media, finance and banking, supply chain, and pharmaceutical industries.

Managed Services: Content

With a team of more than 1,000 writers and content specialists, Vaco Managed Services offers a wide range of content solutions:

  • Content trust and safety
  • Content curation and development
  • Content merchandising
  • Brand and messaging audits
  • Digital operations and performance

“There’s some hot stuff in our space right now,” says Vaco Managing Partner Jim Jhanda. “Content moderation and trust and safety is a huge deal in the content space, and we’re handling this for several established tech giants and startups.” 

Here’s a recent example: an extraordinarily popular video app wanted to start a content trust and safety team. Still in startup mode, the company faced several significant challenges. They had no content moderation processes or personnel — despite the fact that teens are the primary users of the app — and they had never hired contingent workers, contractors or outsourced work. They didn’t even have the physical space for all of the new employees the new team would entail. 

Within four weeks, Vaco Managed Services built and scaled a 20-person trust and safety content team that sits in Vaco’s San Francisco offices. 

“That’s what an outsourced managed service looks like to us,” says Jhanda.

Managed Services: Incubation

Using its proprietary Nascent, Incubation, Continuous, Excellence (N.I.C.E ) model, Vaco helps startups build or create teams and scale a business. Solutions include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Workflow process mapping
  • Product and program documentation
  • Industry best practice analysis

“Here in Silicon Valley — and in a lot of startup communities — being able to outsource and build incubation teams around very nascent startup workflow is critical. That’s what we do,” notes Jhanda.

Managed Services: Support

Vaco gets to know a company’s culture and finds highly qualified professionals to become a part of the team. Vaco helps companies achieve success by providing:

  • Partner support services
  • Product support services
  • Customer support
  • Language and localization support

“Work culture is very important to us. All of our Managed Services employees have a very long tenure with us and we move them from project to project within a client’s company,” says Jhanda. 

That way, the work stays fresh but the level of service remains unparalleled. 

Managed Services: Technology and IT

From building technical teams around machine learning and artificial intelligence to software development to IT services, Vaco Managed Services takes companies to the next level by offering flexible solutions in:

  • Software development
  • QA testing
  • Data management
  • Machine learning and automation
  • Predictive analytics

“We have the resources to create highly specialized teams that actually code, write, and test content,” says Jhanda. “We’ve also got a pretty good model where we incubate a lot of new project teams here in the United States and then, after a couple of years, moving a percentage of  project offshore.”

Why should your company turn to Vaco Managed Services?

Simply put: we make it easier for your company to grow.

“We can move at a lot faster pace with less bureaucracy than our largest competitors and we do it at price points that are typically 25-30% lower,” says Jhanda. “We’re constantly educating our clients about this, but the biggest differentiator between managed services and staff augmentation or doing it in-house is this: it’s freedom.” 

Jhanda continues, saying, “If you outsource a major project to a third party company like Vaco, we’ll not only provide the resources and the talent, but we manage those people day to day and we’re responsible for the project. If you go out and you hire one or two resources in the tent model, you have to recruit them, interview them, hire them, onboard them, and manage their work day to day. Ultimately, the company is responsible for everything.” 

Or companies can simply outsource the work to Vaco Managed Services, and we’ll do it all for you.

Ready to get started? Contact Vaco today. 



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