Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Julianna Batson

Julianna Batson, Director of Business Operations

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Vaco Nashville wanted to shine a light on some of the phenomenal women in our Vaco family. We hope that by learning more about them, you’ll be as inspired as we are by their empowering spirits.

Q: How have your unique experiences and qualities enabled you to thrive in your role at Vaco?

A: I’m an extrovert at heart, but I love numbers and statistics. In my role, I have the opportunity to work directly with colleagues, consultants, and clients on a daily basis while also working behind the scenes running reports and analyzing internal data.

Q: Which core tenet exemplifies your history at Vaco, and why?

A: “Be Electable.” In my current role as Director of Business Operations, I get requests of all sorts every day – whether it be setting up for an event, scheduling candidate interviews, or helping colleagues fix their computer. Since starting in this role, I have tried to never say no, no matter how daunting the task. By being electable, I have been able to participate in countless projects and tasks that I never would have if not saying yes before. Being electable allows me to grow internally while also helping Vaco be successful.

Q: How has Vaco empowered you to have the freedom to be successful both professionally and personally?

A: Vaco allows me to do my job rather than telling me what to do. Professionally, I have gained more hands-on experience and knowledge through Vaco than I ever would anywhere else. Vaco also empowers me personally by giving me the freedom to be my true self. I work with some of my best friends and am able to interact and connect on such a deeper level with my coworkers than most. I’m never held back and always encouraged to be me – Jules.

Q: There are so many powerful women who influence those around them for years to come. Who is that person for you and why?

A: Kerry Washington – She is the woman. On her show Scandal, she is a go-getter, fights for what’s right, and gets the job done every single time. No matter the task, she always comes out on top and that’s exactly how I want to be. She is so strong and powerful when communicating to others and I think every woman should feel empowered and encouraged to be like her. She also is best-dressed out of anyone on TV, which is very important.

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