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  • Accounting Trends Snapshot: New Regulations on the Horizon

    A second year of the global pandemic is getting underway, and the world is facing unprecedented changes to both the economic and political climates. These changes have led to a fundamental shift in the business and financial landscape, and regulatory updates are on the horizon. As a result, many fin...

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  • Sales and Use Taxes: Tax Law Changes and Audit Preparation

    The sales tax landscape can be described many ways, but “simple” isn’t usually one of them. After all, if you own a business in the United States, you’re dealing with a huge number of state and local tax obligations at any given time—and tax laws change pretty regularly. Three years after ...

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  • How to show your boss you’re working – remotely

    With many of us continuing to work remotely, employees are finding the flexibility rewarding. Yet, even as home offices are humming along, many employees are also searching for ways to show their managers that productivity at home isn’t lacking since that “in-office...

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  • Moving Technology and IT Strategy Forward in 2021

    Moving technology and IT forward by developing proactive strategies to set organizations up for success. For some companies, 2020 was all about pivoting – or iterating, to use an agile term. And in many cases, pivoting again. But now that we’re a few months into 2021, many companies and IT leade...

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  • Vaco Adds Accounting & Finance Experts to Seattle Team

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. and SEATTLE – Feb. 25, 2021 – Vaco, a talent and solutions firm that provides consulting, contract and direct hire solutions to more than 40 markets around the globe, has expanded its Seattle finance and accounting teams. Based on demand in the Seattle market, the firm added fou...

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  • SPAC Transactions: An M&A Cinderella Story

    Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have generated a lot of buzz recently, and for good reason. According to SPACInsider, they collectively raised more than $83 billion in capital in 2020 for mergers and acquisitions, primarily helping private companies go public. The growing popularity an...

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  • Say hello to stress-free virtual employee onboarding

    A new employee walks through the door, full of anticipation and a bundle of nerves on their first day. They have so many questions. They are anxious to fit in and prove that they are the right person for the position. Ideally, your company’s onboarding process involves more than first day paperwor...

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