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  • Five ways to get your online resume noticed

    Technology advances in online job applications and resumes have helped employers streamline hiring processes. However, once job seekers hit “Submit Application,” they might be left feeling unsure if their resume made a lasting impression. As hiring managers sift through digital piles of resumes,...

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  • Uncover these 6 characteristics to hire top talent

    Hiring top performers should be the goal of every company and each individual involved in the hiring process, from the CEO down. Regardless of where a candidate is in their job search, every company should look for six specific characteristics when hiring top talent at any level. This includes someo...

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  • Building your personal brand

    Building your personal brand is hard. It takes time and requires the willingness to put in the work, which can often be the hardest part about it.  I believe building your personal brand can get overly complicated, even though it’s really just what you are wanting to be known for. Asking your...

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  • Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy for the Remote Work World

    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted “business as usual.” Organizations that had traditionally eschewed telework programs were forced to suddenly convert to a mostly or wholly remote workforce, often without adequate time to prepare. After months of telework, many companies have ackno...

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  • The Scrum master dilemma: to mandate or not to mandate?

    Real-world experience is often life’s best instructor. From realizing how being a bouncer prepares one to be an agile coach to using the 5 whys for self-reflection, our team often draws on life lessons to glean how to improve team trainings and agile development. Taking a page from my teammate’s...

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  • Is Raleigh holding the reins of the remote work revolution?

    On January 15, 2020, an article in the News and Observer reviewed Smart Asset’s study of 100 cities that ranked Raleigh 8th and Durham 15th  for “Best Places to Work From Home.” Little did the world know at the time that only a couple of months later, such a listing would catapult from a ...

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  • How being a bouncer prepared me as an Agile coach

    After leaving the Army, job prospects were not excellent for a tank-driving, cannon-shooting, armored crewman, outside of being part of “The Expendables,” and I was about 20 years too early for that. I used the network I built to ask around for any positions that might be a suitable fit, which l...

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