Organizational Agility Unleashed – experiences shared

Experience is one of those things that is hard to quantify. Particularly in the Agile community:

  • Everyone says that they’ve got oodles of experience and are an “expert.”
  • Everyone says they’re an Agile coach.
  • Everyone says they’re a scaling framework connoisseur.
  • Everyone is a business agility and organizational transformation change-agent.
  • Everyone says that they’ve led Agile organizations.
  • And, everyone says they’ve been doing Agile for longer than the term “agile” or “Agile” has existed.

You get the point. But you also know this can’t possibly be true for everyone. Nor is it true for even a small group of practitioners. You see, Agile experience – true Agile experience – is hard earned. And it is demonstrated not by buzzwords or boasting, but by long experience, hard learning and practice, and a track record of results.

Another hallmark is having the generosity to share that experience.

3 experienced Agile coaches share their insight

To that end, three principals of Agile coaching in Vaco’s Agile practice –  Jim Grundner, Kim Andrikaitis, and Bob Galen – have captured some of their learnings and stories from a decades’ long journey of helping clients achieve success. It’s a valuable resource to the Agile community that shares first-hand insight from their combined wisdom, which serves as a guide for other Agile coaches and teams.

There are four primary themes in the book:

  1. Enabling Business Agility and Getting Stuff Done
  2. Building Leadership Agility
  3. Building High-Performance Teams
  4. Leading Transformations

Within each theme, the authors examine key experiences from real-world engagements, all focused toward unleashing your success in Agile transformation.

“With new and shifting digital technologies ahead at every turn, it is tough to ‘get stuff done’ in a reliably predictable way,” said Grundner, the lead author of the book. “’Organizational Agility Unleashed’ shares real-life experiences to help firms build great products for customers – increasing their trust and loyalty in you.”

But beyond the book itself, this is a wonderful way to gain insight into the capabilities, approaches, and mindset of Vaco’s Agile coaching team. There’s no better way to “get to know them” and gain confidence in their experience, than reading this book. It’s as if you’re walking beside them in coaching engagements – priceless!

And to make the experiences more accessible, Vaco Agile is offering a discount for e-copies of the book. You can get yours on either LeanPub ($14.99) or Amazon ($19.99).

We hope you read and gain value from the book! Read the full press release here.


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