$16 Billion Global Bank Needing Business Continuity & Resiliency Planning Assistance During COVID-19

Required additional expertise to assess, improve, and implement its business continuity strategy.


Global Banking and Financial Services Holding Company


Area of Expertise: 



The Problem

Maintaining Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client, a $16 billion global banking and financial services holding company headquartered in New York, required additional expertise to assess, improve and implement its business continuity strategy, and furthermore, maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Vaco Helped The Client Mitigate Millions of Dollars in Potential Losses

Vaco worked alongside our client’s global lead for business resiliency and the IT managing director. Vaco delivered expertise in the areas of resiliency planning, testing, awareness, and crisis management. Our strategic and tactical support spanned our client’s technology, audit and risk, and data and operations. Vaco’s specific assistance included:

  • Identifying gaps in business continuity plans and respective mitigation solutions
  • Developing and executing alternate site and cross-regional testing for the client’s US locations
  • Providing ongoing alignment with recovery coordinators in critical lines of business to ensure continuity plans
  • Partnering with technology teams to enable the client’s technology recovery exercises
  • Assisting with regulatory exams and internal audits
  • Delivering immediate and flexible support as disruptions occur during COVID-19 events

The assessments, planning, and improvements increased our client’s ability to mitigate financial, operational and regulatory risk during COVID-19.

Vaco helped the client mitigate millions of dollars in potential losses by strengthening its business continuity and resiliency planning. 

Download the case study here.


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