Agile Methodology in Finance

Leveraging an Agile Coach To Improve Financial Processes

  • Client

    A Financial Firm

  • Services

    Managed Services

  • Areas of Expertise

    Financial Services

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Our Challenge

How to Leverage Agile

The VP/General Counsel had many projects that ran through the Capital Program that had compliance and regulatory mandates with tight timelines associated with those; he wanted to leverage the Agile approach to solve this problem. Part of the challenge is actuarials/analysts want all the details possible, and needed help to see the value in “less is more.”

Our Solution

Leveraging an Agile Coach

Vaco leveraged an Agile coach to help educate actuarials and financial analysts on the benefits associated with Agile. Vaco trained the client on all the terminology associated with SCRUM and work breakdown structures, user stories, sprint planning, PI planning, and more. The client was able to meet their deadlines and also successfully convert the actuarials and analysts into becoming champions of agile.

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