Agile Team Building

Helping a Fortune 50 Retailer to double their digital software team.

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    Fortune 50 Retailer

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    Permanent Placement

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Our Challenge

Retail Innovation

Faced with mounting competitive pressures from both Amazon and Walmart, a Fortune 50 Retailer engaged Vaco to help their efforts at doubling their digital team. With a need to bring more than 500 digital specialists into the organization, the client sought Vaco’s expertise and international footprint to build fully autonomous, self-directed scrum teams in multiple markets.

Our Solution

One Client = 20 Custom Built Teams

In less than three months, Vaco marshalled efforts to identify truly top software development talent. Vaco established built-for-the-client rigorous testing protocol, ensuring that every candidate could not only pass but excel at significant coding challenges. After hard skills were confirmed, candidates engaged in whiteboard problem solving sessions as a part of the interview process.

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