Agile Transformation II

Major insurance organization faced with new product release and an underdeveloped IT department. Vaco increased productivity results within weeks.

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    Major Insurance Industry Organization

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Our Challenge

Product Release Solutions

When a major insurance industry organization was facing an aggressive and mandatory new product release, it became quickly evident that the company’s current IT project management processes weren’t up to the task. The client needed help developing an agile project management process specific to the task of creating and managing the new web-based software platform in development. They approached Vaco for expert agile development guidance in order to meet their immediate production demands as well as establish agile methodology for future growth.

Our Solution

Five Weeks to Agile Transformation

Starting with a key Agile leader, we developed a tailored process and created a solid framework for the company’s IT leaders and developers. Vaco facilitated interpersonal communication up, down, and across functional lines, creating new, permanent, and important pathways for information. The newly open lines of communication stimulated breakthrough collaboration within the department and beyond, and paved the way for a seamless agile transformation that positioned the company for success with the current deadline as well as for future IT projects and complex software development initiatives.

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