Agile Transformation

Explosive growth required a move to an agile project management approach. Vaco delivered.

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    Healthcare Payor Company

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Our Challenge

Project Management Overhaul

When a healthcare payor company experienced the pains of explosive growth, they turned to Vaco to help them not only solve immediate issues, but also position the organization for future productivity as business continued to expand. The client faced an urgent need to re-organize their IT group in order to scale faster, increase the throughput of their project load, and keep up with the demands of their business.

The client had reservations about making sweeping changes to processes so ingrained in the organization, but knew that the current methods wouldn’t keep up with the company’s momentum.

Our Solution

Successful Agile Transformation

It became clear that a move to an agile project management approach would help move the company forward. Vaco brought in an experienced Agile Evangelist and began working with key IT stakeholders from the bottom up, allowing the company’s knowledge workers to take ownership of the agile transformation process. Team by team, the approach ignited department-wide, minimizing both passive and active change resistance internally. Vaco actively coached, managed expectations, and helped develop a common language as agile methodology gained traction, making sure to move fast – but no faster than the organization could absorb.

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