Needed to Hire Consultants from A Big 4 Firm to Complete A Data Governance Project

Data governance implementations at a registered investment advisor.

  • Client

    Investment Advisory Firm

  • Services


  • Areas of Expertise

    Financial Services, Accounting & Finance

  • Industry

    Financial Services

Our Challenge

Provide Organized Structure

The client had set up a Data Governance organizational structure, but was struggling to implement fundamentals including data quality/processing controls, data lineage/mapping, new data setup processes, historical data adjustments and a streamlined issue remediation framework. The client requested that Vaco perform a current state assessment and create a data governance roadmap.

Our Solution

Enabling Collaboration & Enhancing Processes

Most Data Governance service providers are limited to implementing theoretical solutions or force clients to purchase expensive software solutions to reach Data Governance objectives. Vaco’s Data Governance solution framework is based on enhancing processes and enabling collaboration to fix high impact issues while leveraging existing client technologies to build enabling toolsets in parallel to building out the Data Governance roadmap. The client was initially looking to hire five consultants from a Big 4 consulting firm to carry out the project. Based on the strength of Vaco’s resources, the client decided to hire Vaco’s Data Governance Group lead. Sponsor’s direct quote after four months of successfully enhancing data quality controls and building out practical solutions:

“If we hired a Big 4, they would be sitting here with a 30 page deck on what we’re doing wrong and how we need an additional $3 million to fix all of our problems.  Vaco came in and fixed our biggest issue in three months and are making more progress than a entire team of Big 4 consultants”

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