Pharmacy Application Integration

When a Fortune 500 Company acquired a pharmacy organization, the core prescription management application did not meet industry requirements.

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Our Challenge

Inheriting an Out-of-Compliance Legacy Platform

A Fortune 500 client faced several challenges. Via acquisition of a pharmacy organization, they inherited a core prescription management application built in a legacy .NET platform and hosted on MS SQL Server that did not meet core healthcare compliance requirements. This poorly architected application was littered with performance issues and did not integrate well with other systems at the organization.

Our Solution

Two Agile Teams Implemented To Bring Programs To Compliance

Vaco ramped up two agile teams tasked with reverse-engineering the existing .NET platform and re-building that platform into three scalable solutions: a physician portal, patient portal, and a text message solution. For the purposes of integration and scale, we selected a technology stack leveraging React, Redux, and Kotlin and hosted the solutions on the client’s private cloud platform. To improve velocity, Vaco’s technical leads and test automation architect set up continuous integration pipelines and architected a testing framework in SeleniumIO allowing the other developers on the team to continuously deploy. These two agile teams also featured scrum masters to remove blockers and empower the teams. Vaco embedded product owners with pharmacy industry subject matter expertise to enhance user experience and to ensure HIPAA compliance requirements were met.

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