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The Problem

Limited Bandwidth to Ignite Regression Testing

The client has an onshore Q&A team that works on developing manual test cases for the new features and executes them. They didn’t have the bandwidth to do regression testing on the application which is deployed with new features developed by multiple third-party vendors. The client approached Vaco to build a team that could implement a regression for night-builds and to build an execution of manual test cases for new features.

The Solution

Onboarding Teams to Execute Regression Testing

Vaco quickly on-boarded a team of manual testers with experience in the wealth management domain. The Vaco team quickly learned the application and began executing the regression test scenarios. During the initial four weeks of the engagement, the team accomplished the following:
• Executed eight test scenarios (800+ test steps) utilizing Spiral tool.
• Optimized the testing process and executed 14 additional test scenarios (1350+ test steps).


  • The team successfully met the client’s target of executing 14 scenarios per person in three short weeks
  • The team identified issues in the test cases and suggested changes to the test scripts.
  • Identified some critical issues that was crashing the application during regression testing (this wasn’t caught by the onshore team previously).
  • Resulted in greater application stability and client satisfaction.

Download the full case study PDF here.


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