Revenue Cycle Management System Selection Garners Enterprise-Wide Support at a Florida Healthcare Company

Healthcare Company Needed the Best-Fit RCM System to Support Evolving Needs

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    Florida Healthcare Company

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Our Challenge

In Need of a New RCM

A Florida healthcare company was in search of a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution that would unify and streamline the organization’s revenue management service operations. The company’s leadership recognized that they needed a formal system selection process and protocols to effectively and efficiently define business and technical requirements, engage stakeholders, and determine the best fit product for their needs. The company’s executives sought guidance on the requirements documentation, end user engagement, process governance, and communication protocols needed to support the success of the RCM selection process. The leadership team also sought expertise to help the organization quantify the total cost of ownership related to the project, including costs associated with maintenance and training, as well as return-on-investment criteria.

Our Solution

Pivot Point Consulting (A Vaco Company) Identified The Company's Needs and Delivered

The company’s stakeholders were unanimously satisfied with the RCM system selection process. The structured approach provided defensible reasoning, involved the entire organization, and allowed end users an influential role in the selection process. The rigor of the process also made it easier to convey points of misalignment to vendors who were eliminated. Pivot Point Consulting’s, a Vaco Company, unbiased expertise and experience provided value and expediency to the RCM system selection, provided a solid
foundation for the selected product’s implementation, and established a sustainable selection methodology for the company.