Software Quality Assurance

Facing looming deadlines and an unproductive team, Vaco vastly improved productivity and team alignment to achieve and surpass project objectives and key results.

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    Global Media & Technology Conglomerate

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    Consulting/Managed Services

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    Media & Technology

Our Challenge

Improve Application Testing Rate

A global media and technology conglomerate was having issues with the testing of a major new application. With an initial team size of more than 130 people, the app was being tested at a failure rate of 41%. Vaco worked with the client to identity project objectives and key results (OKR’s) to drive the project to success. The failure rate of the project had to drop before release date.

Our Solution

From 41% Failure Rate Down to 7% in 18 Months

Vaco placed a full-time, on-site Software Quality Assurance Engagement Director to match the pace of change a large team could absorb. By leveraging automation and a tighter integration with development, Vaco was able to drop the app’s failure rate to 7% in 18 months. With the SQA Engagement Director driving and instituting significant productivity improvements, the team size flexed down from more than 130 individuals to the equivalent of 30 full time employees, saving the client money to further drive development.

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