Web Application Conversion for A Major Grocery Retailer

Rewriting Web Application For A National Grocery Store Chain

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Our Challenge

Converting Web Interface Languages

A grocery retail company with over 2,500 store locations needed the features of their shopping list, cart, and checkout web application to be rebuilt. The end-points needed to be converted from Java to the Kotlin language. A competitor doing the exact same work converted 12 end-points to Kotlin and was working to convert the entire mobile app.

Our Solution

Produced Extensive Results Beating Out Competitors

In the same time frame of our competitor’s work, Vaco converted 36 end-points over to Kotlin. Vaco then migrated the application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and re-wrote an entirely new user interface for the application.

Vaco was able to outdeliver the competition by 3-1 on end-point conversions, migrate the app to the cloud, and rebuild the front-end interface.

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