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  • Millennials on the Move – Job Search 101

    There has been an ongoing debate for some time regarding millennials in workplace. There’s one school of thought that believes this generation feels entitled when it comes to hard work and company loyalty. However, a 2016 study reveals that millennials who feel they’re at a great workplace are 2...

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  • March Madness Pre-game Pep Talk

    Last year, Fox Business reported that U.S. employers stood to see 23.7 million employees distracted by all of the madness that the Big Dance brings. While buzzer beaters and bracket busters aren’t always a welcome distraction, there’s a lot to learn from some of college basketballsR...

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  • The Six Seconds Reviewing Your Resume

    There is a study, Keeping An Eye On Recruiter Behavior, by TheLadders that concluded the average recruiter initially spends six seconds on reviewing your resume. That doesn’t seem very long, does it? That’s how long it takes me to tie my shoes. You spend hours writing, editing and formatting you...

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