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  • The Scrum master dilemma: to mandate or not to mandate?

    Real-world experience is often life’s best instructor. From realizing how being a bouncer prepares one to be an agile coach to using the 5 whys for self-reflection, our team often draws on life lessons to glean how to improve team trainings and agile development. Taking a page from my teammate’s...

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  • How being a bouncer prepared me as an Agile coach

    After leaving the Army, job prospects were not excellent for a tank-driving, cannon-shooting, armored crewman, outside of being part of “The Expendables,” and I was about 20 years too early for that. I used the network I built to ask around for any positions that might be a suitable fit, which l...

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  • Using the 5 whys for self-reflection

    I was early into coaching a new Scrum team when our client contract came to a grinding halt due to a significant oversight. Until this was resolved, we were directed to cease all coaching which couldn’t have happened at a worse possible time. You see, the team was approaching their very first spri...

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  • Organizational Agility Unleashed – experiences shared

    Experience is one of those things that is hard to quantify. Particularly in the Agile community: Everyone says that they’ve got oodles of experience and are an “expert.” Everyone says they’re an Agile coach. Everyone says they’re a scaling framework connoisseur. Everyone is a business agil...

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  • The new normal: two simple ways to foster existing relationships

    Recently, we’ve explored the new normal of working from home (WFH) in a special blog series, especially as it relates to improving WFH productivity, finding your focus, and building team relationships remotely. However, for this final blog of the series, let’s tackle something we tend to overloo...

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  • The new normal: three tips on continuous team building

    As we’ve been exploring ways to improve productivity in our work-from-home environment, we’d be remiss if we overlooked the positive effects team building has on individual performance. Working remote doesn’t have to equate to endless hours of social isolation or FOMO. In fact, it is now more ...

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  • The new normal: four tips on cultivating team collaboration

    Sure, establishing a more productive work-from-home routine can drive positive dividends in making your day more rewarding. But your productivity extends beyond personal strategies. We are all still part of a larger team, so collaborating with your colleagues from the comfort of your new home office...

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  • The new normal: five tips on finding your focus

    Working from home has its advantages. You get the opportunity to create the perfect working environment, and you also have the chance to establish a more productive work-from-home routine; however, working from the comfort of your home may present a few challenges, especially if your children, partn...

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